Announcement per source

Add-onsAn ‘announcement per source’ is a pre-recorded message being played before the call starts. The message tells you which marketing channel is associated to the call. After the announcement you know that the call is established via a Call Tracking number, the associated marketing channel of the call and you know that you can assess the value of the call afterwards.

The person who answers the phone is going to be prepared for the call. For example, if you are running a campaign on Facebook and the announcement reports that the call is realized via Facebook, there is a high probability that the call is about that campaign.

The announcement will only be heard by the person who answers the phone.

An ‘announcement per source’ can contain the following message:

  • Call through …

For example through ‘direct traffic’, ‘Google AdWords’, ‘call-extension Bing Ads’ or ‘Facebook’.

It is also possible to request other marketing channels. These will professionally be recorded. This will cost extra money.