Clear dashboard

screen-bigThe dashboard of AdCalls is the area where you have insight into all data measured with Call Tracking. You can see which channels were responsible for your incoming calls and you can compare different periods of time with each other.

SC_DashboardIn the dashboard you can also assess the quality of each call. You can evaluate your calls on lead quality and sale value. In this way you determine which media efforts produce the best and most relevant calls.

AdCalls Call Tracking is suitable for direct customers and marketing agencies. Marketing agencies have access to a multi-client dashboard.

In the dashboard of AdCalls you have the following insights:

  • The number of calls with the date, time and duration
  • The number of missed calls with date and time
  • The time for how fast the phone was answered
  • Through which marketing channel the call came
  • The advertisement that lead to a call
  • The keywords that lead to a conversion
  • The trip made by the visitor through your website
  • The web pages visited by the caller