Evaluate phone calls

screen-bigIn addition to quantitative data, you can also measure qualitative data with Call Tracking. Based on the evaluation menu – which is played after every phone call – you can asses the value of each phone call with the keys of your telephone. Standard your calls can be assessed on lead quality and order value. With this information you can determine which media efforts provide valuable calls. All assessments can be found in the AdCalls dashboard.

Phone calls can be evaluated on:

  • … Whether a purchase is made
  • … If a lead is generated
  • … How valuable the lead is

During every incoming phone call every thirty seconds a beep is played. In this way you will know that the call comes from Call Tracking and that you can evaluate it afterwards.

The following rating menus are available:

1. The standard evaluation menu
The standard evaluation menu is available for every user. This menu offers three ratings:

– sales
– lead
– other

When you have realized a sale, you can pass an order value. When you assess a call with a lead, you can choose between the numbers 1 to 5.

2. The custom evaluation menu
With the custom evaluation menu (additional charge) you can compose your own predefined assessments, so phone calls can be assessed by your own standards. The menu will be professionally recorded and implemented by AdCalls.