Call Tracking

AdCalls Call Tracking is a system that allows you to measure the telephonic response of both online and offline marketing activities. Every day our system processes thousands of calls. The statistics of these are shown in a clear and convenient dashboard. Additionally AdCalls provides external systems of Call Tracking data, so marketers can perform analysis and make solid marketing decisions.

For who?

AdCalls makes call statistics transparent to organizations that focus on conversion optimization. Almost all marketing activities can be made measurable through the website, but for phone calls this is not often the case. With Call Tracking you gain insights about how effective and valuable calls are to your business and the invested marketing budget.

By who?

AdCalls is managed and developed by a dedicated team of online marketers and web developers. From our office in Amsterdam we are working on the further development of the system. Delivering reliable Call Tracking data based on the needs of our customers outlines is our main goal.

How it all started

Our Call Tracking system arose from the idea that there was no Dutch solution which provided advanced Call Tracking functionality for marketing agencies. After 18 months of development, we introduced AdCalls in December 2013 on the Dutch market.

Our mission and vision


AdCalls is an innovative online service that measures phone calls coming from online and offline marketing channels. Our mission is to gain insights into reliable Call Tracking data for organizations who invest in marketing campaigns and use these data to optimize their media spend, strategy and conversions.


With AdCalls we gain insights into phone calls coming from online and offline marketing channels. We make the most innovative and accessible Call Tracking solutions available for national- and international-oriented marketers and agencies. We also make integrations with other marketing, analytics and CRM-tools, so you can make marketing decisions based on complete data.