Valuable leads.

Know where your success comes from. Qualify your phone calls with AdCalls, so you can optimise your campaigns based on the conversions that are most valuable to you.

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Assign value to leads.


Do you know what leads are valuable?

You know through which campaigns potential customers contact you by phone, but not all calls are equally valuable. How do you make this distinction? How can you generate as many valuable leads as possible?


Optimise based on valuable leads

With lead qualification, you can qualify your calls. This not only lets you map out where calls originate from, but also how valuable these calls are. With the help of these qualitative leads, you can then optimise your processes and campaigns.

Our key benefits.

Conversion attribution

Qualify your incoming calls so you know what keyword, channel or web page yields the most revenue. This gives you better insight into the returns of your campaigns.

Optimising based on valuable conversions

Link sales results and the order value of calls to your campaigns in order to optimise your marketing investments.

Why you should choose AdCalls.

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