Emergency assistance

When someone needs assistance right away, e.g. because they locked themselves out or because their washing machine broke down, the last thing they want to do is fill out a contact form. Instead, they want to contact the organisation in question immediately. By using our services in the emergency assistance sector, you can measure these contact moments as well.


When people need help urgently, they use the phone


Lack of insight into phone call leads

In the emergency assistance sector, the percentage of website visitors that contacts an organisation via telephone is higher than in other sectors. It would therefore be a waste not to measure these contact moments. 

Furthermore, there are often other keywords that convert via telephone. Without call tracking, chances are that those keywords are not being taken into consideration.


Measure your telephone contact moments

We have the perfect solution by providing insight into your telephone contact moments. Gain insight into the channels, advertisements and keywords that are used to contact your organisation.

Key benefits

Optimise campaigns with complete data

By also measuring your telephone contact moments, you can gain complete insight into all your conversions and optimise your campaigns based on complete data.

Evaluate your calls

By evaluating your calls, you can learn what campaigns, advertisements and keywords generate valuable interactions.

Local telephone numbers

When you use local telephone numbers, website visitors are more likely to contact you by phone.

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