If there is one sector that continues to rely heavily on telephone contact, it’s the B2B sector. In this sector, it is more common for a lead to contact an organisation by phone than request information via the website. Not counting these moments as conversions would therefore be a major missed opportunity.

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In the B2B sector, a ton of business is conducted by phone


Distorted conversion ratio

In the B2B sector, most leads come in via telephone. Not measuring these conversions results in a distorted conversion ratio. Despite the many leads coming in, the conversion ratio is low.


Reliable conversion ratio

You can gain complete insight into your call conversions with call tracking. By including these conversions in the results of your campaigns, you end up with a reliable conversion ratio.

Key benefits

Complete data

By also measuring your telephone contact moments, you can gain complete insight into all your conversions and optimise your campaigns based on complete data.

Invest in valuable keywords

Invest more in valuable keywords and generate more leads. With the right insights, you can make better marketing decisions and better justify the marketing budget.

Assess your inbound calls

Assessing your calls lets you know which campaigns, ads and keywords are generating valuable interactions.

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