AdCalls helps car salesmen make optimal use of their marketing and sales. Telephone leads often make up more than 70% of a dealership’s total number of leads. 


Complex purchase process


Not all contact moments are insightful

Selling a car online is no easy feat. Customers look around online and ultimately make their decision when they are actually inside a car and hear its engine roar. That means you need several touchpoints to convince a potential customer to purchase a car. Many car salespeople lack insight into these touchpoints, which means they miss out on a ton of leads.


Know where your leads come from

AdCalls offers the perfect solution by mapping out every interaction between your dealer and the customer. Know what portals, advertisements and web pages your potential customers view, what their conversion is and which customers actually end up buying a car.

Key benefits

Gain insight into leads from portals with your lead management system

Gain insight into where your phone call leads come from. Measure all portals, including viaBovag, Marktplaats, Autotrack, etcetera. AdCalls makes these data available in your favourite lead management system.

Measure multiple locations

By measuring different locations, you can immediately direct customers to the right location and the right salesperson. One way to do this is by using local telephone numbers that are forwarded to the right location.

Consultancy regarding the most efficient way to use AdCalls

Our advanced implementation ensures you only measure the things you actually want to optimise. This keeps your costs down and your data relevant.

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