Better sales calls.

What is the best way to bring in leads via telephone? AdCalls ensures your telephone leads end up at the right location, department and staff. Furthermore, your employees are informed about the lead in question beforehand to ensure they can conduct an optimal sales call.

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Optimise your sales calls


Are you making the most of your sales opportunities?

A potential customer contacts you, yet fails to reach the right person or is forced to face a lengthy options menu or to repeat the same information over and over again. There is a better way.


Make the most of your leads

With our services, you can optimise both your sales process and your sales calls. Connect leads directly to the right employee, inform employee about leads beforehand and listen to previous phone calls for optimisation purposes.

Key benefits

Speak to the right person immediately

Skip annoying options menus by connecting callers directly to the right location, department and sales employees.

Know why leads are calling

Let your sales team know what customers are calling about before the conversation has even begun. This ensures you make the most of your incoming calls.

Train your sales team

Gain insight into the call results of individual salespeople and listen to previous conversations for service optimisation and training purposes.

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