Call Tracking

The missing link in conversion optimization

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Conversion Optimization

Call Tracking from AdCalls provides insights into all telephonic conversions per marketing channel. Making results measurable is one of the most important tasks for a marketer. AdCalls ensures that no data is missing, so you can make solid decisions for the future. ­

  • Find out what marketing channels and AdWords keywords lead to telephonic conversions. ­
  • Analyse the search and calling behaviour of potential customers.
  • Asses your incoming phone traffic using an inventive evaluation menu. ­
  • Integrate telephonic conversions into Google Analytics and AdWords.

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Clear dashboard

The data measured by AdCalls Call Tracking are displayed in an easy to use and clear dashboard.

Call conversions in Analytics

When AdCalls is connected to Google Analytics, you get a complete overview of both your web and phone conversions.

Evaluate phone calls

From the dashboard or by the keys on your phone, you can asses the value of every incoming phone call.

Choose your package

AdCalls is available in a light- and a basic- variant. Choose the package that suits your needs the best. Do you have any questions? Please contact us for advice.

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