Direct contact with leads.

Do you want to speak to a potential customer as soon as they fill out their telephone number? Never before was it possible to follow up on leads so quickly. As soon as a website visitor enters their telephone number on your website, your phone will ring within one minute and a call will be initiated with this lead.

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Form Tracking


Stop losing sales because ineffective lead follow up

You should strike while the iron is hot. This is especially true when it comes to leads. When someone fills out their telephone number on a contact form, their purchase intent is high. Don’t miss out on this opportunity just because your sales team is busy. Avoid unnecessary time loss when following up on leads and stop letting the competition beat you to the punch.


Never miss another lead

With form tracking, you can speak to your leads on the telephone immediately. This is an optimal solution, both for the potential customer and for your organisation. Furthermore, you decide where to send the lead: to your sales department or to your support staff. 

Form Tracking. How it works.

A consumer is looking for a product or service that you offer and therefore visits your website.
The potential customer fills out their telephone number on your website, e.g. on a contact form or via a callback request.
Next, the phone immediately starts ringing on the desk of the right person in your organisation. Prior to the start of the conversation, the employee will receive any relevant information about the lead from the contact form.
If you answer the phone, the potential customer is called immediately. If you cannot answer the phone right there and then, another call attempt will be made at a later time.
The call is registered as conversion in our dashboard and can then also be processed in external systems such as Google Analytics and Google Ads.

Our key solutions.

Following up on leads

Immediately follow up on your leads with form tracking and never miss out on another lead. Contact potential customers while they are still looking around on your website.

Sales process optimisation

Optimise your sales process by receiving information about the lead in question prior to the conversation. This ensures you start the conversation with a head start.

Improve your customer experience

Improve your customer experience by immediately following up on a lead and making sure the call ends up with the right department or person.

Process your form tracking data in the systems that you use on a daily basis.

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