Four reasons to use call tracking

Written by: Natalie

By measuring conversions, you acquire insight into the interaction between your organisation and the visitors on your website. In order to make good decisions with regard to your marketing activities, it is therefore important to measure conversions.

A conversion is a valuable action undertaken by a prospect – i.e. a person who is not yet a customer. There are two types of conversions: online conversions, e.g. filling out a contact form, and offline conversions, e.g. phone calls. Measuring online conversions is easy enough and is often done with the help of Google Analytics. The question remains why so few companies measure their call conversions to this day? In this blog, we go over four reasons why it is so important to use call tracking to measure your call conversions.

1. Complete data

If you do not measure your call conversions, you are missing out on a wealth of valuable information. You spend a ton of money on a marketing campaign, so you obviously want to know what the results of this marketing campaign are. Marketers and entrepreneurs who use marketing therefore look for ways to make the performances of their campaigns measurable. If you receive a ton of leads via the telephone but do not use call tracking, your returns will be inaccurate and the costs per conversion are calculated incorrectly as well. Using call tracking grants you complete insight into reliable data, which you can then use to make good marketing decisions.

By utilising call tracking and Google Analytics, you know exactly what marketing activities generate valuable conversions and what marketing activities generate less valuable or no conversions. You can use this information to optimise your marketing campaigns in a specific manner. It also keeps you from investing in marketing channels that generate very little or no revenue.

2. Conversion optimisation

Conversion optimisation is done with the help of e.g. A/B testing, SEO and SEA.

  • A/B testing: A/B testing involves showing your website visitors two different web pages. The variants differ on one or only a few points. At the end of the predefined test period, you know what variant generated the most conversions. With call tracking, you can display different telephone numbers on each web page. This lets you optimise web pages based on online and call conversions..
  • SEO en SEA: SEO and SEA: A Google Ads campaign is optimised based on the keywords that generate valuable conversions. In addition to measuring online conversions, you can use call tracking to determine what keywords generate call conversions. You can integrate call tracking data into Google Analytics and Google Ads. This conveniently gathers all your data in one place and lets you optimise your Google Ads campaign based on online and call conversions. You can also use these data for the purpose of search engine optimisation..

3. Mobile is becoming increasingly important

Despite the fact that we live in an online age and more and more sales are made online, many people continue to prefer personal interaction. Smartphones give consumers the opportunity to easily come into contact with businesses. Here are some facts and figures to illustrate the importance of mobile:

  • 80 In 2015, 80% of the Dutch population between the ages of 18 and 80 owned a smartphone
  • In 2015, 45% more was spent on mobile ads than in 2014
  • 70% of all mobile searches end in a click-to-call
  • More searches are conducted on mobile devices than on desktops

The popularity of smartphones may result in a huge blind spot when a business fails to measure its call conversions. With call tracking, you gain complete insight into your online and call conversions.

4. Improve your service

Another option that AdCalls offers is call recording. With call recording, all incoming calls that are realised with the help of call tracking are recorded. You listen to previous calls via the dashboard. This is a great way to e.g. improve your quality of service.

Furthermore, the use of call tracking lets you measure the volume of incoming phone traffic, so you can deploy enough employees at peak moments.


Call tracking not only gives you insight into your call conversions, but it also helps you optimise your website, marketing activities and services. Are you convinced? contact us.

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